Ecco i 100 trend che definiranno il 2022. Dal teletrasporto virtuale agli acidi che fanno bene alla pelle, all’immunità che passa dai liquidi. Scoprili tutti nel Report di Wunderman Thompson

Wunderman Thompson lancia oggi l’ottava edizione di ‘The Future 100: 2022’, report annuale sulle tendenze che offre un’istantanea dell’anno a venire e sui cambiamenti che meritano di essere tenuti sotto controllo.

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Gli Highlight

·      Culture – Unbounded optimism: Brands are projecting a progressive and positive outlook for 2022, encouraging playfulness and creativity.

·      Tech & Innovation – Virtual teleportation: Technologists are opening up digital portals into a new virtual dimension that offers more intimate, close-to-reality in-person interactions.

·      Travel & Hospitality – Meditative travel: Meditative integrations are making every journey a mindful one.

·      Brands & Marketing – Brandalism: Vandalism for good is hijacking ad space and exposing brands’ missteps, demanding they do better.

·      Food & Drink – Liquid Immunity: Wellness aficionados are quenching their thirst while supercharging their immune systems.

·      Beauty – Acidic care: Skincare brands are homing in on the benefits of acidic ingredients.

·      Retail & Commerce – Virtual flagships: Digital flagship stores are taking over ecommerce storefronts.

·      Luxury – Sonic luxification: Luxury brands from fashion to auto are investing in audio hardware, luxifying the listening experience.

·      Health – Emotional health: Recharge zones for emotions are emerging in public spaces around the world.

·      Work – Metaverse recruits: From virtual material designers to creatives across the board, companies are hiring for a metaverse workforce.


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