Uppersafe and Herezie Group watched you, but for the good cause

Today, more and more people equip their houses with all type of connected safety cameras. They do it to feel safe, but they’re not. More than 100,000 of those cams are watchable on free access websites such as insecam, shodan, opentopia. Anyone can watch anyone, unless they get protected with a virtual protection that hides IP addresses: a VPN.

“We aimed at alerting people about their connected safety systems in the most impactful way”, says in the press release Nicolas Thibaut, Ceo and founder of Uppersafe.

 Herezie Group came out with a solution. During one week, a team of viewers was committed to observe 20 hacked security cameras. They could notice every habits, every details, every events happening in pubs, houses and gardens. This way, they were able to offer a very special gift connected with each of those events. When they spotted a glass being broken in a pub, they delivered a brand new one. When they spotted a dog that damaged its ball by playing with it, they delivered a new playful one.

 On each box, the phone number of Uppersafe was printed. “We answered our most disturbing calls ever, but we offered them a free VPN protection for the future”, reminds Nicolas Thibaut. As they could identify IP addresses, they got the position of each hacked cam. Uppersafe wanted to ensure that everyone is aware of the risks once for all.


Agency:Herezie Group, Paris, France

Ceo: Andrea Stillacci

Coo:Pierre Callegari

Executive Creative Director:Baptiste Clinet

Associate Creative Director:Joseph Dubruque

Associate Creative Director:Axel Didon

Associate Creative Director:Raphael Stein

Copywriters:Adrien Perrot, Arthur Pelletey

Art Directors:Adrien Perrot, Arthur Pelletey

Director:Cyril Haoual

Post-production:Sonia Presne

TV producer:Tanya Kozlova

Print Producer: Emmanuelle Sannier

Account Director:Laurence Cornet

Account Manager:Anne Grouios

 Client:Uppersafe, France

Ceo & Founder:Nicolas Thibaut