FCB Inferno Launches ‘Queen Rules’ to Challenge Gender Bias With Playing Cards

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On International Women’s Day, FCB Inferno, the agency behind Sport England’s ‘This Girl Can’, is launching Queen Rules – a new way to play cards, where Queen outranks King. This campaign is designed to get the conversation about gender equality on the table.

 With support from Unibet, the campaign will launch with simultaneous live events and tournaments of Queen Rules poker on March 8th in London, Stockholm, Malta and more to be announced. A social experiment film, created in partnership with production company Archer’s Mark, will be released on the same day.

Competitors will be playing with limited edition cards that celebrate powerful women of all different shapes and sizes, drawn by sixteen unbelievably talented female illustrators from, a website that champions female illustrators – especially those of colour, LBTQ+ and other minority groups.

All proceeds from the live events and merchandise, including T-shirts, art prints and playing cards, will be donated to HeForShe, a solidarity campaign for the advancement of women initiated by UN Women. 

The Queen Rules project started when a five-year-old girl questioned why King ranks higher than Queen in a deck of cards. This simple, yet powerful, idea is one way of sparking conversation around the unconscious gender bias that surrounds us.

The agency is challenging people everywhere to change how they think and play with the new rules. For examples of how to play, and which games work with Queen Rules, visit or join the conversation with #QueenRules.


Agency: FCB Inferno

Chief Creative Officer: Owen Lee

Senior Art Director: Ben Edwards

Senior Copywriter: Guy Hobbs

Senior Art Director: Jack Walker

Senior Copywriter: Ali Dickinson

Senior Project Manager: Bridie Scriven

Senior Designer: Sarni Strachan

Senior Account Manager: Sabrina May

Director of European Communications and PR: CC Clark

Women Who Draw illustrators

Karla Hernandez – Mexico // Sally Reynolds – USA // Paolo Saliby – Brazil // Zixuan Zhou – China // Christine Suggs – USA // Maya Sariahmed – USA // Jenna Stemple – USA // Louise Rosenkrands – Denmark // Nicole Rifkin – Canada // Paola Villanueva – Spain // Linny Malin – Canada // Nikki McClure – USA // Pearl Law – UK // Heather Hardison – USA // Anna Wanda Gogusey – France // Cecile Gariepy – Canada