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With the 06 Pack from Monoprix, you’ll find love in your shopping basket

At Monoprix, customers come first. The grocery chain store is always thinking of how to make their shopping experience easier. But it doesn’t stop there. Monoprix knows its customers, and to know your clientele is to realize that over 50% of their shoppers are single. Singles who cross paths everyday at Monoprix.

Which is why the brand wanted to lend a hand. In France, most cell phone numbers begin with 06, and so, Monoprix, with its agency Rosapark, introduced the limited edition 06 Pack – a special range of 7 fake packages labelled with a declaration of affection, using, of course, its trademark wordplay, as well as a space to jot down your number. A step up from grade-school valentines.

The new 06 pack will be available at store entrances at several locations throughout France starting Feb. 14th.

To promote the operation, Rosapark created a film inspired by those lovelorn school days. In addition, the agency created a social media operation – The One – for the campaign, in which, starting Feb. 13th, tweeters can unveil their secret crushes and seek the help of the online community in finding them and delivering the message by using the hashtag #UnCrushChezMonoprix (A Crush at Monoprix).