Creative & Communication

Cannes Lions 018/19 – Winners Pr e Product Design. A Nike il primo Grand Prix della nuova categoria Social & Influencer. Un Leone a Publicis/Diesel nelle Pr

Creative Pr Italian Winners

Un Bronze Lion a PUBLICIS Milan Italy- Publicis N.Y./ Diesel Go With The Fake 

Nessun Leone per McCann/Nemo, Verba DDB/Audi, DDB/Ikea

Grand Prix Pr – The Trash Isles (anche Design Grand Prix)
LADBible / Plastic Oceans

In the North Pacific, an area of plastic trash the size of France has formed. Governments have simply ignored it so the Plastic Oceans Foundation and LadBible submitted an application to the UN to recognise The Trash Isles as an official country. If granted, this would compel other nations to clean it up. As a result, 200,000 people became citizens and the campaign reached half a billion people.

The Trash Isles – chart

Pr Lions Winners

The Pr Lions celebrate creative work which successfully builds trust and cultivates relationships with credible third-parties, utilising mainly earned-media tactics or channels to influence public dialogue and ultimately change perceptions and behaviours in ways that protect and enhance the reputation and business of an organisation or brand with its target audiences.

Grand Prix Product Design – Kingo
Client Kingo (Leonardo Di Caprio is an investor and an advisor)
Agency Ogilvy Colombia, Ogilvy Guatemala

A prepaid solar kit energy for people who never had access to electricity

Kingo – chart

Nessun lavoro italiano in shortlist

Product Design Lions Winners

The Product Design Lions celebrate creativity that fuses form and function. Entries will need to demonstrate aesthetics that are inseparable from application; that is work that blurs the line between a product’s beauty and utility by achieving both.

Grand Prix Social & Influencer – Nothing beats a Londoner
Wieden + Kennedy

The campaign celebrates sporting competition in London with cameos from star athletes.

Nike – chart

Nessun lavoro italiano in shortlist

Social & Influencer Lions Winners

The Social and Influencer Lions celebrate creative social thinking and strategic influencer marketing solutions. Entries will need to demonstrate how levels of engagement, social reach and the creative use of social networks & platforms, brand ambassadors and influencers led to commercial success.