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It’s OMD Indian’s birthday! It is a market with more than $650 millions in billing, 550 people in staff, divided between Mumbai, the place from where everything started, Delhi, Chennai, and Bangalore. What are your next goals?

“This journey has been an amazing one so far- a full-fledged national presence marked by both global and local client wins, a great team committed to taking OMD to even greater heights.

We shall continue to lead the industry by leveraging our strong foundation that incorporates the best of innovation and effectiveness. We want to keep nurturing the entrepreneurial, start-up culture that got us here and that we hold so dear.

The focus for OMD India, going forward, is to ensure that the agency is not just future-ready but leading the path. We shall stay ahead, giving our people the best learning, tools and capabilities to deliver the strongest results on our clients’ business.

We will navigate the complexity of the Indian market with dynamic interventions, customization, efficiency, deploying technology & data to solidify the presence of our network here”.

What’s about your market in contemporary India? We’re thinking about social transformations, growth, millennials, traditions, old and new business, local and multinational brands, start-up, religion, technology

“India is not a country but a continent in itself, complexities thus in arriving at the most suitable media mix to reach out to target audiences. We are one of the youngest population globally. Our 1.3 Billion population base is represented by a median age of 25 Years (against a 35 of china and 37 of US), 65% of India is under 35 years & 50% under 25 years of age, 45% of urban population in SEC ABC; Millennials are driving digital media consumption; Metros vs tier 2/3 towns have a very different situation.

This reality thus poses challenge to businesses/brands but at the same time opens a plethora of opportunities to brands and marketers too”.

What does OMD represent for its customers, I mean what is your role in the horizon of contemporary communication?

“As stated earlier, each customer has a differentiated communication requirement, there’s no ‘one size fits all’. We are committed to navigate the complexity of the Indian market with dynamic interventions, collaborations & customization. To stay ahead of the curve, key is to build lasting brand love by balancing both the demand and the desire sides of the equation for short-term performance and long-term success. My role is to equip our people with the best learning, tools and capabilities to deliver sharper insights, smarter ideas and strongest results on our client’s business, all working with a Fearless attitude and culture”.

In Italy the map of business communication is changing. Increasingly races and competitions are played all against all, in the sense that the new communication has thinned the boundaries of powers, broadening the reach of all-inclusive agencies, capable of ‘serving’ the needs of the customer from A to Z, so making it less discriminating as being independent or part of a network. What is happening in India? (i.e. I mean the communication has increasingly need to think media and creativity together, looking at 360 different possible actions. Pr, advertising, social. What about the Indian market?)

“India with uneven literacy rates across its 29 states, 7 Union territories, & over 23 official languages is a country way more complex than any other globally. Content here (language specific) comes from all over the place, we must decide which type of screen, when and where to place it.

The boundaries of only creative/PR/Media (traditional/Digital) input are fast fading out. We drive media agnostic solutions and work with all stakeholders/agency partners in collaboration to achieve aligned brand objectives.

Understanding our specific addressable audience, creating customized personalized content, distributing it at the most appropriate points of consumption with apt story telling & measuring its impact is key & a way of working for us @ OMD”.

What does it mean to belong to a worldwide network like OMD, which are the advantages that you share and what are your specific answers to a growing localization needs?

“We work on a large number of multinational and local clients. These clients are with us because of the strong belief in what OMD globally and locally brings to their business. For us, to belong to one of the largest worldwide network, gives our teams’ access to a global culture of fearlessness supported by an operating system and tools providing our clients with best-in-class recommendations. Our biggest advantage is a proven, evolving global process which allows for local interpretation and flexibility to our client and market needs”.

Concluding, what are you organizing for your 10th  birthday?

“The 10th anniversary will be celebrated through the year with a series of initiatives.  As we celebrate this milestone, OMD India is gearing for its next level of growth J”.

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