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‘Commercials’, vi è mai capitato mentre ne stavate producendo uno?

Community Films directorial collective JEAN and director Pam Thomas have joined forces to create Commercials, a comedic web series about the humorous, ego crushing, overanalyzed silliness that plagues the world of commercial film making and everyone involved.

“As Commercial directors and former advertising creatives, we’ve experienced hundreds of completely ridiculous moments during productions where we looked at each other and said, ‘this needs to be a show”, says in a press release Natalie Prisco of JEAN.

Seizing on the seemingly important, but altogether ridiculous scenarios that inherently go along with making commercials, ‘Commercials’ peels back the curtain on an industry that everyone is familiar with, but very few know much about.

Each episode gives a glimpse into the various aspects of commercial making and stages of production, leaving nobody unskewered in the process.

Episode 101 – ‘Ethnically Ambiguous’