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Cannes Lions 018/16 – Winners – Creative eCommerce, Digital Craft, Entertainment Lions for Music (vince Jay-Z), Industry Craft

Grand Prix Creative eCommerce – XBox Design Lab Originals: The Fanchise Model
Agency McCann London

XBox Design Lab – chart

Turning consumers into entrepreneurs

Creative eCommerce Lions Winners

Nessun lavoro italiano in shortlist

The Creative eCommerce Lions celebrate creative, commercial ecommerce, payment solutions and innovation. Entries will need to demonstrate how the innovation and optimisation of the customer journey led to increased consumer engagement and commercial success.

Grand Prix Digital Craft – VR The Aeronaut

A VR music video created for The Aeronaut, a track by Smashing Pumpkins singer Billy Corgan.

Digital Craft Lions Winners

Nessun lavoro italiano in shortlist

The Digital Craft Lions celebrate technological artistry. Entries will need to demonstrate exceptional form and function in a digital context; that is, work with flawless design, masterful execution and outstanding user experience created for all digital environments.

Grand Prix Entertainment Lions for Music – Jay- Z ‘Smile’

A short film that tells the story of Jay-Z’s mother. In the end, she herself appears in the video. Director Miles Jay, Smuggler.

Entertainment Lions For Music Winners

Nessun Leone per PUBLICIS Milan Italy – Publicis N.Y./ Diesel Go With The Fake , unica nostra shortlist

The Music Lions celebrate creative musical collaborations and original music content. Entries will need to demonstrate original production, promotion or distribution of music for brands; work where a recording artist or platform is innovatively leveraged to communicate with consumers.

Grand Prix Industry Craft – Kiwi Shoe Polish/Ali
Ogilvy Chicago

A full page of copy with a pair of Muhammad Ali’s boxing shoes.

sogg. Ali

Industry Craft Lions Winners

Nessun Leone per Publicis Italy/Diesel – Sunburn, unica nostra shortlists

The Industry Craft Lion celebrates the creative artistry, talent and skill required to deliver a beautifully executed solution and bring a creative idea to life. Entries should demonstrate the highest levels of expertise and vision in the application of creative techniques.