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Acadomia, la magia della scoperta nella mente di Oliver

Acadomia, French academic support and tutoring, is back on tv with a commercial which pays tribute to the ‘Eureka’ moment when something suddenly becomes clear, thus demonstrating that understanding is beautiful.
The click images, all shot at nano scale, demonstrate in a poetic way the beauty of the brain’s mechanism when someone finally understands something. The feat has been to shoot without using any CGI and to illustrate in 30 seconds what actually takes place in 3 milliseconds.
With this innerspace renewal, Acadomia emphasizes that the most important thing for children is not just knowledge but understanding. It follows their conviction that each child is unique and needs a personalized approach. This message is encapsulated in its new claim ‘learn how to understand’.
Agency: Humanseven
Chief Creative Officer: Xavier Beauregard
Creative Director: Alexandre Drouillard
Artististic Director: Jordan Molina
Copywriter: Ludovic Miege
TV prod: Sarah Bouadjera

Production: Hrcls

Director: Paul Mignot
Production : Yann Dubois
VFX Nano : Roman Hill
Compositing : Thomas Vanz
Post-Production: Hrcls
Post production sound : Mathieu François
Original composition: Polérik Rouvière
Sound Design : Anaïs Khout