In the context of the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 and with the spot by Prolam Y&R starring Alexis Sánchez – leader of the Chilean National Football team – Movistar is presenting with Modo Fútbol, the App through which users can watch all the Confederations Cup´s games live in HD quality.

Two consecutive wins both in the America’s Cup and the America’s Cup – Centenary, have led this team to be referred to as Golden Generation. This next championship presents a new opportunity for the Chilean team to mark a new milestone.

In a distant future, an aging Alexis Sánchez, tells his grandchild the epic experience of this generation, who marked an era. This spot is part of a campaign highlighting modofutbol.movistar.cl  a website where you can not only download the App but also live the experience with Alexis by visiting his home in the future via 360 VR, and so relive his track record, looking at his jerseys and much, much more.

This campaign can also be enjoyed in all Movistar channels.


Executive Creative Director: Francisco Cavada, Alvaro Becker

Head Of Art: Emerson Navarrete

Head Of Digital: Andres Diaz

Creative Director: Raimundo Undurraga, Sebastián Vildosola

Writer: Oscar Gonzalez, Jonathan Chauque, Lucas Frigerio.

Art Director: Israel Urrutia, Joaquin Toro, Rodrigo Grebe, Marco Calderón, Luis Gajardo, Marco Ortega.

Producer: La Fuerza

Director: Pablo Guarnaccia

Executive Producer: Italo Perroni

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