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Eurodata TV Worldwide Announces a Reorganisation of its Research Division


Eurodata Tv Worldwide – the international division of Médiamétrie – announces a reorganisation of its research division that has been undertaken in response to new challenges for customers in the International tv & video ecosystem: an increasingly complex, globalised and rapidly changing environment. The resurgence of audience data (especially the rise in 4-screen TV audience results), together with the growing number of countries that use automatic audience measurement all require extra analytical capacity and expertise. These developments have also led to the creation of a Content Insight department that is entirely devoted to content analysis on a global scale in order to offer the strongest expertise. A cross-disciplinary department has also been created, responsible for coordinating quality policy and projects.

Florent Carême is named Head of Research at Eurodata Tv Worldwide. In this position, Florent will be in charge of the entire Research team. His primary mission will be to define the research division’s strategy, including how the service offer and its production should evolve. Florent will also develop Product Innovation. He reports to Frédéric Vaulpré, Eurodata TV Worldwide Director.

The Content Insight direction has been entrusted to Avril Blondelot, who is tasked with defining and implementing the strategic positioning of content analysis. Her mission is to ensure the coherence and the relevance of content trend analysis taken from the NoTa monitoring service that looks at programme trends around the world, as well as from audience data analysis. Avril will also lead the Research department’s collaboration with Tape Consultancy – the UK-based company of content experts and audio-visual programming and production consultants in which Eurodata Tv Worldwide has held a stake since 2016.

The Research and Projects Coordination department is led by Charlotte Michelotti who centralises and coordinates the production methodologies and tools of the Research Department in line with Médiamétrie’s quality policy. She is also in charge of the Video team. 


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